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CHIKART.COM delivers extremely powerful applications of a new magical technology that is combination of NIkola Tesla's free energy concept , Orgone science, Quantum physics and Radionics Technology.

This, certainly is exciting news for all who are practicing magic of any kind, including traditional methods (Vedic astrology, Vastu, Lal Kithab black magic,ceremonial magic, voodoo, shamanism, wicca, santeria, religion-based methods, etc.) as well as more recent methods that are inherently magical , such as radionics, motivational techniques, self-improvement, vision boards, affirmations, and Silva mind control.

You can also safely call this extremely powerful new technology as the ultimate unfair advantage,because spiritual training and institution become secondary, as far as success of your magical operations is concerned with combined effect of these technologies.

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For you this can, well be the first time that learning about a technology will not only be useful but It will be a natural step in the right direction of the success that you were striving to achieve in the past.  In the following, you will find an amazingly powerful new technology to boost your magical performance to the max. We are going to lay out this exciting new technology for you so that you can gain immediate evidence, from where you will proceed step by step to an increasingly deeper grasp of its far reaching new magical applications!

Here you can find an easy and very effective way to help and improve all your prospects for the future.  It is specifically designed to provide you with powerful means to enhance your performance in all areas of your life, especially those who feel need to be strengthened.  Whatever the line of your work or field of endeavor is, be it business, politics, high performance sports, education, volunteering, spiritual matters, or anything else, the highly effective magical equipment from CHIKART.COM is designed for a great many uses, while providing successful outcome whenever you use it appropriately. Now you certainly can take your destiny into the best possible hands that is your's own!

Life Force Energy (Chi Energy)

Welcome to this powerful technology as we enter the beginning of a new exciting era in human history where we can now actually generate life energy with technical equipment to provide an unlimited supply of energy to your mind and body....and once this has been achieved, well that's when the fun really begins!

What Is Magic?

If somebody was to ask you what you thought Magic or Magical spells were, what would you say?

Understanding the Question

Now this is a question where everybody's answer will be different based on their own life experiences and personal belief systems but some of the more popular answers might be based on what people have experienced while reading or watching the Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings books and movies seeing as they have now become part of our mass pop culture and there are countless more examples to choose from.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you've read a book or seen a movie where a love spell was created and then used on someone. There have been numerous ways this dramatic idea has been used in the past but again and for the sake of simplicity, let’s use the following scenario that might sound familiar to you. Here we go:

Let’s say some type of magical person starts boiling something in a big cauldron and is mixing specific ingredients inside to create the effects of a spell that this person wishes to perform. Well after some time, these effects are reached and now a lock of hair is added to the cauldron and this hair is from the person from which this love spell will work on. After the hair is added, the spell has been achieved and now someone has fallen hopelessly in love. Sound familiar? Like we said we are keeping this simple but if you were asked to break down what just happened scientifically, would this be even possible?

When we break down all the  fun little Disney example of creating a love spell by mixing stuff into a cauldron and then adding a piece of hair, what we basically have is life force energy being generated in the cauldron with a "trend" (desired outcome) that's added and in this case the trend is for love. When the hair is then added, this creates the "link" to the target person for sending this love trend energy and it doesn't matter how far away this person is (action to a distance)......and we call these connections "structural links"

In these modern times, we can be walking down the street and just reach in our pockets and grab our cellphones and make a phone call to connect instantly to anyone in the World....we don't even think twice about it, it's just a normal part of life. Of course a hundred years ago if you told someone this type of technology would be common place, they'd think you went bat poop crazy.....it's sort of like telling someone today that we now have life force generators that can be used to send trend energies to any living plant, animal and human on the planet (even water) and do it instantly without having to worry about an Internet connection or cell tower coverage....all you need is electricity to run a continuous supply of trend energy to the life force generators while establishing a structural link to yourself or others.

A lot of you will obviously recognize this famous quote from one of the Star Wars movies and ironically George Lucus, the Star Wars creator was not too far off when he described an "energy field created by all living things". In fact in the last 150 years, there have been some scientific pioneers in this field who've discovered that life force energy actually exists and this energy can be absorbed into a substance that's made by using a combination of organic materials mixed with metal dust filings to form what is called "organite".....and this organite storage of life force energy is now generally referred to as "orgone" energy.

Orgone Technology is for 

  • Self-improvement, Balance, Intellectual Skills
  • Weight loss, Fitness, Sports, Body Building
  • control of destiny,Trend Management
  • Vedic astrology,Vastu correction and Chakra Balance
  • Mind Control, Popularity and Charisma
  • NLP,ESP, Kundalini,Reiki and many more

Chi Generators are Powerful Tools for you to achieve...general success. Assured Success faster and easier.Orgonite results those are More Effective than ever before positive permanent solutions,

As a natural consequence of the invention of the Chi Generator, We were capable of explaining scientifically any action at a distance, perception at a distance and other human skills that, to this point in time, have been considered "psychic, alternative or esoteric" by most human beings, and quite often humans have been blocked from experiencing and learning such natural skills systematically.

With our techniques, ESP, remote viewing, shamanism and miracles will never be the same again, and meanwhile entirely new technologies have evolved from this new scientific understanding of life energy, or Chi: technologies, which can have a decisive positive impact on just about any existing technology.  In addition to this, many of the "paradox" in physics can be explained with ease.

Transfer of Chi energy at a distance, which was practiced by humans throughout their history, can now be understood as a scientific fact.  It is the transfer of life energy, or Chi, with the help of identical or equivalent structures: structural links.  Based on this science, we have created equipment to use life energy for the transfer of signals across the Atlantic.  As expected, no amplification equipment was needed, i.e., life energy transferred with full force even at that distance.  The transfer test that you can perform using the structural link above this website and the energy that you can receive from this transfer will speak more than 1000 words, and you can gain the full evidence of this new technology that is based on ancient wisdom!

Throughout history, life energy has received many names: People of ancient India called it Prana. The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana. The ancient Chinese called it Chi, the practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge.

Some physicists (not reporters bragging with pop-scientific lingo) have been bragging that with some CERN tolls and other stuff they will now find the smallest particles while others expect that with larger telescopes that can perceive a couple of additional electromagnetic frequencies are talking about final proof of their creationistic ideas, or "theories."  While many folks of academia still reject energy forms other than electromagnetic energies (We dare to claim that, regardless how many forms of energy we find, there will always be others beyond), they naturally also follow well-established habits of thinking at the same time, which were prevailing some 100, 200, 500, etc., years ago:  namely that what primitive human brains in conjunction with primitive human tools can discover is all there is, that with "logical deductions" based on such limited methods they can understand what is going on in the vast universe and can understand the ultimate truth of all that exists.  The principle is that, regardless how much we can perceive/interpret, there are infinite other interpretations possible fitting satisfying the same factual basis and that, regardless how many facts, forms of energy, etc., are known, there will always be more beyond.

This technology can be applied on many different fields:

Mentioned here are just few

Agriculture, lawns, Artistic inspiration, Attachment, Attacks, Balance, Body building, Brainwave, Break up, Business, office, Charisma, Children,Competition,Costumer,Defense,Electrosmog,ESPDOR,Energy, psychic,Family,Fitness,Friendship,Gambling,Gaming,Geograpfic streets, Herbs, Intelligence, Intuition Lawsuits, Love, Management, Marketing, Mind control, Money, Music, NLP, Pets,Politics,Profession, Skin care ,Speed learning,Supplements,Weight control, Weight loss, Well being


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With a life energy generator, you can have now access to an unlimited supply of life energy, and you can use it for your benefit and for the benefit of others:  other human beings in particular and living beings in general.

It's fun, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid back and relax while you expect assured success!,WIth this technology every common man is a magician.

Chi Energy Generators –Scientific Remedy for Astrology, Vastu .Success Assured

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